Welcome to LoveStruck

Life is hard.

Living a life led by and focused on love is even harder.

It’s easy to be negative. Easier to be a pessimist. Easiest to give up.

LoveStuck is about loving the life you’re living right now and striking those around you with love. It can be a simple smile, a few words of kindness, or leaving an extra tip at your local coffee shop.

What you put out into the universe and focus your life and energy on is what comes back to your heart. It directly affects your life.

So why not live a life LoveStruck? Why not live a life led by love? Let’s live, act, and believe in God’s immense, unconditional, overflowing love for your own life and all the small, hard, good, daring moments that come with it.

Then let’s strike others with that same love.

This is LoveStruck.


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